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We’ve raised over £143,000, but our target is £250,000. Help us make a huge difference to the frontline workers in your local area.

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Join our army of volunteers today. Our network of 8000+ amazing volunteers are based all across the UK and are not just 3D printing.


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Do you work for an organisation that needs face shield PPE for your front line workers? Last week we delivered over 39,000 face shields to over 90 NHS Trusts and care homes.



Over 600,000 of our community printed Prusa RC open-source face shields, which has been verified by the Czech Ministry of Health have been requested by over 1,500 NHS and other locations to date. This is growing EVERY DAY. Prusa RC is widely considered to be the gold standard of 3D Printing.
We are working to provide
all frontline workers with
the face shields they need.


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Over 90 NHS trusts and many more essential services such as care homes have so far put their trust in our scalable collective of volunteers. They are providing their time, 3D printers and experience to create much-needed PPE for front line workers, but we also need money to pay for materials and delivery –even just a small donation can help towards our goal.

Help us to support our front line workers
with products made and delivered locally
and nationally. Fast and at scale.





About 3D Crowd UK

We are a group of over 8000 volunteers who are actively plugging the gaps in the traditional PPE supply chain now. We are working together to create what is needed until which time they have caught up, or we have defeated the COVID-19 crisis. Whichever is sooner.

We are printing together to save lives.

We’ve grown from a single comment to a community of over 8,000 amazing volunteers in a matter of weeks. Last week we delivered over 39,000 face shields to over 90 NHS Trusts!

We couldn’t do it without all our amazing volunteers. Thank you and keep printing!

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Corporate Sponsorship

We welcome sponsorship from companies large and small. Help us to make a real difference now. Speak to our team to discuss how your business can help.

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Where your money goes - The approx cost per Face Shield

It costs approximately £2 per face shield to get them into the hands of front line workers. We are run by hugely talented volunteers who 3D Print, assemble, and deliver each face shield. So every penny possible goes towards them. The below gives you an idea of the cost of each face shield, but due to the nature of our crowdsourced approach, these figures will vary.

  • Filament - £1
  • Visors and elastic - £0.23
  • Delivery packaging - £0.30
  • Delivery costs and mileage - £0.30