3DCrowd Yorkshire Hub

3DCrowd Yorkshire Hub

Engineers from the University of Sheffield have joined forces with 3DCrowd.

Lead by Dr Pete Mylon from the University’s Faculty of Engineering, the team is utilising the world class engineering facilities in the University’s Diamond building to rapidly manufacture face shields for frontline NHS staff working in hospitals and healthcare practices. His team brings together some of the UK’s best young engineers, working tirelessly to help meet the PPE demand. Sheffields University’s iForge Makerspace has recently become the 3DCrowd distribution hub for the Yorkshire regions.

Dr Sam Pashneh-Tala, Department of Materials Science & Engineering commented.

The University of Sheffield has a wide range of manufacturing equipment and, crucially, the expertise needed to use it. Our skills in design and manufacture have allowed us to respond quickly and scale up the manufacturing of PPE for use by healthcare workers.

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