Go Fund Me Update – 7th May

Go Fund Me Update – 7th May

If you follow us on social media, you will probably already know that we have now 3D printed and distributed over 100,000 face shields to front line workers across the UK. It’s an amazing achievement, a big thank you to everyone who has donated their time, money, vehicles and 3D printers.

We are still getting a large number of requests for face shields every day and we are doing our best to meet demand. Sadly this shows that there is still a real PPE shortage and we are still needed.

In other news: Some of our volunteers who do not own a 3D printer banded together to create a new website. Please take a look at 3dcrowd.org.uk and while you’re there, we recommend reading the interview with Harry, an amazing 17-year-old volunteer.

Finally, you might be wondering why there is a picture of the Masked Singers TV show. Tim, one of our amazing volunteers has featured in the Evening Standard, Metro, Yahoo News and many more. Even Farm Week has featured how Tim has gone from making masks for the stars to masks for front line workers.

Thank You again for your continued support.

3D Crowd UK Team