Maker Challenge #1 : Hand Sanitisation – Prizes to be won!

Maker Challenge #1 : Hand Sanitisation – Prizes to be won!

So it’s the end of the first month of 2021, we’re still in lockdown and we’d like to announce our new Maker Challenge Competition, which we’re hoping to run monthly (all being well!).

Each month we’ll set a challenge, ideally with a community or charity focus. Challenges are to be resolved using a combination of maker tech and commonly scrounged items (so no custom PCBs, sensors, or flux capacitors). 

They’ll be judged by a rotating panel each month from inside 3D Crowd but also by people out there in the wider maker community and naturally, there are prizes to be won!

NOTE : This page is kinda a bit in progress so if you have questions or ideas to clarify any of the below, please don’t hesitate to reach out to and we’ll add updates to the page.


Love them or hate them, hand sanitisers are a pretty common habit in our daily routine these days, our challenge for you is to improve on them.


Well, part of 3D Crowd’s mission is to help communities facing hardship and disaster by doing little and big things to make their lives better. Right now, that’s helping people stay COVID safe – whether that’s in our own high street or in a far away refugee camp. 

Competitions like these – with people like you – produce great ideas, great ideas that can help other people.

Winning Designs will be displayed on the Babel website,  properly credited to you (and/or your team!) and will be announced at the end of Feb.



We observed that when people are using the smaller individual hand sanitiser bottles, not only are hands creating cross contamination points on the dispense mechanism, but also when people pick them up for use.

Hand sanitiser bottles come in all shapes and sizes, not many are reusable so create huge amounts of plastic waste; we’d like to see a single, robust, re-usable or refillable design.


We are looking for a working hands free operated design that will dispense hand sanitiser.

Ideally a design that could be used in less developed countries as well as in the UK (so a level of robustness must be built in).

The design should include a reservoir that holds sanitiser and can be refilled, something to dispense the sanitiser and what ever else is needed to mount, stand and make your design usable.

Other parts of your body elbows, feet etc can interact with your prototype so long  as they do not cause or significantly increase the risk of cross contamination between users.

We are not allowing the use complex electronics mechanisms or sensors as this is a mechanical design challenge.

However you can use any items that may reasonably be considered ‘scroungable’ by the average person within the local environment (coke bottles, wire, tape etc.)

The design doesn’t have to be fully 3D printed but should contain some 3D printed components (because the clue’s in the name yo!). 

The design can also contain other maker technologies.


  • Clever/Novel use of Maker Technology (3D Printers, etc)
  • Use and consideration of locally ‘scroungable’ materials
  • Ease of assembly by an ‘average person’ with available tools
  • Presentation of Design – extra points will be given if you can video/demonstrate a working prototype alongside a detailed design.

If you’re 16 or under and want to take part in this category please make sure you have permission from your parent or guardian

MOST IMAGINATIVE (Under 16 only)


We observed people often do not notice smaller hand cleaning points so do not sanitise.

We also noted people’s hand cleaning habits do not offer them full protection, they often just clean the palms of their hands, sometimes the back but tend to ignore finger tips, the side of their palms or in between their fingers.

Bottles run out and are not replaced in time so people cross contaminate on the sanitiser and then can not clean themselves properly.


We are looking for creative ways that would make people notice and want to correctly clean their hands.

What would  a good experience of using a hand sanitiser station look like?

Ideally a design that could be used in less developed countries as well as in the UK (but it’s okay to choose just one!).

Your design can use any current and available technology but it would be great if it used 3D Printed or other Maker technology as well!

We are not asking you to build your design but would like it if you could explain it to us in a ANY visual way, you can use story boards, illustrations, comics, photos with text on them etc. 


  • Use of local materials or recycling/upcycling old stuff
  • Interesting use of maker technology (3D Printers etc!)
  • Off beat ideas like how African charities cast toys in to soap to encourage children to wash their hands are also welcome!

Please make sure you have permission from your parent or guardian (who you are welcome to work with!) and as long as permission is granted you can also work with your teacher.

Please note we will not be judging you on your artistic ability!


Please send any queries and submissions to!