#MeetTheMakers – Toby Johnson, age 12 from Surrey

#MeetTheMakers – Toby Johnson, age 12 from Surrey

Toby Johnson, 12, is one of over 8000 volunteers who have joined 3D Crowd UK since the end of March.

Up and down the country young people of Britain have been joining forces to help their local community in different ways in the last few weeks. The Easter holidays gave Toby, aged 12, the opportunity he’d been waiting for, to put his 3D printer to good use.

Inspired by his Uncle to save up for a 3D printer, and with a plan to print his own robot, Toby finally became the proud owner of his own Creality Ender 3 at Christmas and has put it to good use on his own small projects. 

But it was when he discovered that it could possibly save a life, of a nurse or doctor working with Covid-19 patients, that he realised its potential to help others. He heard that people with 3D printers had clubbed together to make and deliver face shields to people working in a hospital without PPE.

Toby found 3DCrowd online and joined the Slack community they set up, just before their BigPrint campaign and has been printing with 3DCrowd since then.

Staying up overnight on occasion and giving up hours of his spare time, he’s so far made 40 of the 3Dprinted frames that make up face shields for NHS frontline workers.

His efforts caught the attention of the Mirror online, inspiring others to join in and he put together his own short film, which you can see on YouTube, to highlight the work of 3DCrowdUK and try to raise awareness of the need for donations.

Thank you, Toby, for all your hard work and thank you to all our makers across the UK who have helped us supply the PPE they needed. 

Find out more about getting involved here.