The Big Print – Easter Update

The Big Print – Easter Update

A Big Week

Early local deliveries got thousands of kits out to medics and GPs where people personally knew there was a need, but the difficulty of getting elastic and visors made at all, and then shipping them to thousands of places in the right quantities limited the scale this could work at.

#TheBigPrint was a push to solve this by a strong focus on central distribution. 3DPrinting volunteers responded in amazing fashion, and once the filament had settled, DPD dropped off over 20,000 3DPrinted headpieces in Sheffield.

These were combined with the fruits of the rapid injection-moulding work from Vetech, die-cutting of visors from Swanline, who have all been amazingly helpful and generous, and with logistics help donated by large companies, we’ve shipped OVER 40,000 VISORS this week.

That’s a stunning result from the work so far, and makes a real difference. Thank you for making #TheBigPrint happen!

What Now?
We’re asking volunteers to please keep printing! A home will be found for your work as demand is still several times more than we’ve already produced as a community.

Now we’ve shipped a big chunk of the current goal to the hotspots where PPE was most needed, we’ll be switching to enabling local hubs across the country. Supplying visors and elastic in bulk to be combined with locally-made headpieces and then sent to care homes, GPs and other places where the main supply chain will take time to reach, and where the shortage is still acute.

We were amazed to get a special donation from GoFundMe’s Covid-19 Response fund. They pledged £5k in recognition of the difference this campaign is making.

So far, the early stages of 3DCrowd have been kept going by the generosity of the people 3D-printing, companies willing to donate or wait to be paid, and even some of the admin folks maxing credit cards to get visors and elastic ordered and made.

The legal entity is finally set up, and funds from GoFundMe are arriving daily (with a one-week lag from when they were pledged), so we’re at the stage where 3DCrowd can comfortably reimburse those that asked for funds to continue printing, or cannot afford to be out of pocket for long for the filament they’ve bought and used to help.

For the organisers, the Easter weekend will be one of phone calls and zoom meetings to get feedback from this amazing week, and make the next stage run smoothly so more can be done to support local distribution where the continuing shortage will be and make the reimbursement of the crowd smooth and simple.

There will be a final reckoning once all the dust settles, but hopefully, this is enough to reassure you where the money people pledged is going and will be going.

A big thank you for making 3DCrowd one of the most concerted and successful efforts to get help where it is most needed, and for your patience as this massive logistical and organisational effort sorted itself out. It’s not often you see an entity the size of a large company emerge this quickly and achieve so much in so short an amount of time.

The love and dedication everyone has shown is the only reason it has happened.