Documentation for 3D Crowd volunteers

Documentation for 3D Crowd volunteers

Please read the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) document that applies to you and follow all of the measures described in it, documents do update from time to time – notification of updates will be posted by your coordinators in your slack channel. We are in the process of updating the site, if you discover any broken docs links then please do let us know


SOP (Makers) V4 – SOP_3D_MAKE_V4
SOP (Hubs) V2 – SOP_3D_HUB_V2

Quality Control V1.4 – QC_3D_MAKE_V1.4
Face Shield Instructions V3 – FS_ASSEMBLY_INSTRUCTIONS_3D_V3
Button Hole Drawing V1 – Button_Hole_V1
Delivery Note (Universal) DNU_3D_V2.1

Delivery Note Instructions V1.1 – DNU_Instructions_3D_V1.1
Thank You Note (optional) V2.1 – TY_3D_V2.1
Driver Authorisation V2 – Driver_Auth_3D_V2
Regional Map V2 – Regions_Map_3D_V2


Go Fund Me – Here
Volunteer Sign Up – Here
Face Shield Request – Here